Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Prism Sample: Introduction

I had a request to post some sample code illustrating the use of Model-View-ViewModel pattern, Controllers and DelegateCommands.  This lead to the creation of a sample Prism solution.  An interesting exercise, since it gave me a chance to incorporate many of what I consider to be Prism best practices.
I consider proper solution setup and organisation to be critical in working with Prism.  Mistakes made in this area often come back to haunt you.  There are many ways to organise your projects and code.  What is probably more important is pick a solution structure that everyone can agree with and stick with it.  A lack of agreement or ignorance of architecture can make team development a nightmare.

I intend to write a series of postings detailing out what I consider to be areas of interest, and why I've organised things as I did.
You can download the solution here (408kb).  You will require Visual Studio 2008 SP1.  I've stripped out all XML documentation and PDBs to keep the file size down.

Please let me know if you run into any problems loading and running this solution.

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