Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New App: Developer's Handbook

First, my apologies for allowing this blog to stagnate.  Been extremely busy with several Windows Phone projects, which is a good thing.

I've finally managed to eek out some time to complete an 8.1 app that I started months ago - Developer's Handbook.  The Developer's Handbook is essentially a follow-up app to the Style Explorer.

Designed for Windows Phone Developers, Developer's Handbook is a handy reference app for Windows Phone 8.1.  Includes:
  • Colors & Brushes
  • Fonts & Text
  • Settings
  • Themes
  • Buttons
  • CommandBars
  • Container Controls
  • Core Controls
  • Date/Time Controls
  • Flyouts
  • SymbolIcons
  • List Controls
  • Progress Controls
  • Text Controls
Full property details linked to Microsoft API references.
Visual guide to built-in Theme Resources, Global Styles and Control Styles.
Developer's Handbook is now available in the Windows Phone Store (link)

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